Humans as pets fanfiction

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Wait A day in the life of a puppy. The Gimp's Toy Pt. NEW 4. The DomBox Engineer creates a device to automate bondage predicaments.

NEW H 4. Good Girl - Day 07 The whole family uses me as their pet puppy piss slut. Vixen the Fox Vixen the Fox is ready to play. Good Girl - Day 06 I'm kept in a cage and used as the office urinal. Good Girl - Day 05 Kept in a special puppy cage and used by the entire office. Parking Lot Challenge Sir wants her to play in a public parking lot. Karma's aSo the aliens have taken over the world. Or maybe they've captured us and taken us back to their home planet. Either way, they decide we're cute and cuddly and they're going to take us home and keep us.

This can also apply with earthbound supernatural races like vampires or demons as well. The main component of the trope is that it's a work where humans are the pets of another species.

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May overlap with Bond Creature or People Zoo. Not to be confused with the webseries The Human Pet. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this.

Get Known if you don't have an account. The Beast And His Pet High School Girl takes place in a world where beastman are the dominant population and humans are considered high maintenance exotic pets: the female lead of the story was kidnapped from the human world and sold as a pet to a wolf man named Zinovy. Cross Ange : Riza Randog is a double agent for the a race of humans that can turn into dragons seeks the location of their progenitor, Aura whom was captured by the so-called god Embryo.

Riza infiltrated the World of Mana where Embryo used Aura to create a utopia world where magic was possible through Mana; however, those that were unable use it were persecuted and shunned. Embryo later captured Riza and after torturing her gave her to his follower, Sylvia Ikaruga Misurugi who abused her, treating her like an animal: depriving her of clothes, muzzling and shackling her, and even whipping her for failure.

In Tokyo Ghoulupper class Ghouls sometimes keep humans as pets. The members of the Ghoul Restaurant train humans to serve as Scrappers, executioners that perform in a "pre-dinner show" by maiming and dismembering the unlucky victims on the night's menu.

Juuzou Suzuya is revealed to have been one, prior to being rescued by CCG. The torture and training he underwent transformed him into a perfect killing machine, but left him damaged goods in all ways imaginable. Unfortunately for him, it was harder to take care of, constantly waking him up in the middle of the night and demanding to be fed. Eventually, the aggressive virtual pet developed a malignant intelligence and the ability to control Kujirada, regarding him as its pet.

It also directed him to link it to other kids' devices so it could devour other virtual pets. The evil virtual pet was defeated when it tried to prey on Yugi's pet, which, due to exchanging data with Jonouchi's pet, was far stronger than it looked.

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Though a little upset that his prized monster was gone, Kujirada was glad he could finally get some sleep. Comic Books. The Avengers : In one issue, Tigra is caught by Kraven the Hunter and subjected to a "mnemonic scrambler" more or less a Slave Collar that reduces her intelligence to that of a common tiger.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

It only takes a minute to sign up. The older man looked at the younger one. He took a deep breath and began to tell his tale, just like he was told before when he himself was that young. I've been here way longer than you, let me tell you how this all started and why are you here now.

They came without a sign and attacked without warning. Our fighter jets, tanks, warships were no match for their alien spaceships and advanced weapons. Nation after nation fell and soon everybody knew humanity would be erased forever. We were wrong. But they didn't kill anyone who did not oppose them.

We thought they would have mercy on us, to let us live. This time, we were right. Even though nobody knew why they let us live, we soon found it out. They need us. More specifically, they need our flesh. They consider it a delicacy, and in the worlds inhabited by them they would give anything for it. You see now, we aren't preserved by scientific curiosity, by compassion or by love. We are livestock for them, we are taken care of in order to grow and then they kill us, dismember us, package us and send us back to their worlds where we are cooked, grilled, sauteed and eaten.

Earth has been converted into a facility to grow, slaughter and process humans. Now you know where the others went and why won't you ever see them. Now you know why do we get free food and housing. Now you know why are they doing this all to us.

They are intricately familiar with human anatomy, know what is to be known about psychology, have vast resources at their disposal to create either huge buildings, precise machinery, hormones or medicines, etc. They don't care about the lives and values of humans any more than we do about the cows or carrots that we grow, harvest and finally consume.

Even though human meat is highly sought-after, early over-hunting has left the species extremely endangered. As a result, hunting wild humans is banned across all 4 quadrants. But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy great-tasting and fresh authentic human! With the recent implementation of the mandatory weekly cryosleep, a dynamic and synergistic farming method guarantees an excellent crop with that lovely, free-range human taste.

Humans can survive in a broad range of unusual conditions, but to get the best results, you should aim to meet the recommended atmospheric requirements. Follow the onscreen instructions to optimise your farm's conditions. Defrost and scatter the human food around a wide area. The food will expand to fill any empty spaces, so don't worry about spreading it too far.And now for something else.

humans as pets fanfiction

I'll warn you ahead of time, thought there will be a few chapters, this story isn't complete and might never be, so don't bother yourself with it if you prefer your stories to actually have an actual beginning, middle and end to them. Had some false starts before settling on the characters and scenario of Anya and L'tor in Chosenand this was one of them. I might have one or two more if anyone's interested As with pretty much everything I write, the following is intended for a mature audience.

Disclaimer: Don't own the concept of Predator s and not making any money. Just doing it for the lulz. Aw, crap. This, I hadn't planned for.

Not in the least. No matter my need to get clear of Synsen and return to normality, this wasn't setting well with me and hadn't been what I'd intended. The yautja was quite literally a giant pain in my ass, but seeing him there on the monitor, stripped naked and locked in a small room, made me realize finally that he hadn't treated me all that poorly. Sure, life as his pet wasn't my cup of tea and therefore I fought him at every opportunity and made it my life's goal to make his life miserable, but still I mean, Jesus Christ.

‘pet play’ stories

One of two things was going to happen here They were going to kill him. My kind, my people. Then his kind, his people, were going to show up and either blow the shit out of this place in particular or the entire planet in general, just for the insult done to Synsen, Honored Blood, Elite Warrior Elder, Master Trainer, Killer of Queens. Not fucking good. And he was. Standing sideways to me and looking at me out of the corner of his eye.

He had all the personality of a stone, and, I suspected and hoped, about as much intelligence. The guy finally looked full-on at me with both eyes.

Humans as Pets, Aliens as Masters

I smiled. He snorted and passed a glance around, apparently considering it. Truth was, I had no intention of rubbing anything in Synsen's face. I needed to know where they were holding him.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

It only takes a minute to sign up. At this point in my story, I'm assuming a got-out-of-the-box-AI scenario, where no singleton a single self-coherent dominant entity was created, but a large number of philosophically and values-system distinct Artificial General Intelligence agents AGI, or AI for short have emerged.

In order for my story to make sense to present-day humans including myselfI must nonetheless have a human presence, since dimensional hermit crabs might be harder to relate to.

humans as pets fanfiction

So even if they are benevolent and do not turn us into grey goo or computroniumwhy would they subject themselves to the agony of interacting with slow, limited beings such as Homo Sapiens?

One scenario is that some AIs would simply keep humans around as glorified pets, out of some form of ancestor-nostalgia, for amusement, or perhaps as slightly more reactive Bonsai.

Pick your time-frame: it could be mere weeks or years since the Singularity, or thousands of generations. Continued by How does an AI keep its human pets happy?

Do you think there would be a large subset of humans who would be happy to fulfill this role, and aim to please their AI overlords, or would there be near-general aversion and hostility? Rats: You do not necessarily want to kill them all but once they got to your house data centeryou kill them. Killing them all is hard because they breed too quickly and if we set up some poison to kill them, they realize pretty quickly what's going on.

The fact that they live mostly on places underground, where we don't want to go, makes their breeding easier and harder for us to get rid of them. Of course, there are some who have rats humans as pets, but it will never be "the thing" for all of us Efficiency : There are some problems for which a well trained human will remain more efficient than an AI because we evolved for millions of years to be good at those sorts of problems.

Anything that involves spatial reasoning in 3-d spaces will leverage the millions of years of spaghetti code that makes us who we are. An AI could do the task, but it would be reasonable to keep us around to do it. In this case, we would be treated like working dogs: fed well, cared for, but ultimately they would coach us to believe our life revolves around solving these problems that are easiest handled by our spaghetti code.

Novelty : AIs could be amused by the way we approach problems. It is a certainty that we would approach a problem differently than a singularity AI.

In these cases, the AI would gain some insight into how to solve problems in new ways. AIs would be constantly putting us in theoretical experiments that are within our reach, but just barely.

Some may be cruel and experiment with pain, but they would hopefully learn that we can solve more interesting problems if we don't have major pain inputs. Lab-rat may be a valid model for how we could be treated.

humans as pets fanfiction

Wildlife Preserve : It is possible that, in the AI's growth, it may realize that it is possible that humanity has something it doesn't fully understand.Sam lived in a little backwater town in the middle of nowhere. There was one street with about seven stores, a school, a police department with about 10 cops and a hospital. The rest of the town was made up of residential areas and farm land. The town that Sam lived in had a high birth rate. Not just for humans, but for everything.

Crops were plentiful and rich. Farm animals birthed strong, healthy young and so did the people who had made their homes in the area. Rumour had it, the army had used the area for nuclear testing years back and the radiation had left its mark.

Sam had just turned eighteen but had dropped out of the small town school at seventeen. She was bright and she was smart but she had no interest in school or education. She had no idea what she wanted to be either and merely wanted to live off her mom and older sister Gen.

Could you please do the laundry today? It was hours later when she woke and dragged herself out of bed. The house was silent and she was left alone once more to entertain herself. He merely lay at the bottom of the steps, unfazed by her words. He liked her sister and mother more and slept in their rooms and followed them around when they were home. Sam always found that odd. He seemed to be pursuing them, like they were bitches in heat.

Going into the laundry room, Sam began the task of stuffing the clothes into one of the machines and turning it on. As she did so, her stomach began to growl and ache. Thinking it would maybe help, her headed to the kitchen to make some dry toast and a drink, Bear wondering in after her and sitting by his bowl.

Bear stared at her, his head cocked to the side. Bear stood and moved closer to her, pawing her leg, wanting something. Bear whimpered and sniffed at her thigh, taking a curious lick. Bear seemed none too impressed with her squealing and turned tail, leaving the kitchen without a second glance. Sam made her toast and a glass of milk and ate it sat on the back porch.

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Her mind drifted as she sat there, chewing her toast slowly. Male or otherwise. Her mom and sister worked all the time and her last boyfriend was a redneck junkie with a small dick. The nearest neighbours where a good mile down the dirt track road and she was surrounded by thick woods all the way around. Sam liked the privacy. In her mind, she imagined being fucked, hard and fast, but a tanned stranger with a thick cock that entered her like a jackhammer. All the while, her hands groped at her c cup breasts, pinching the nipples as she imagined the stranger suckling at them.

Moaning, one hand slipped down her body, stroking through the neatly trimmed patch of sandy blonde curls that matched her hair perfectly. She slipped a single finger down her slit, the pad rubbing at her clit hard but slowly. From there, she pumped, hard and fast, her hips rocking against her hand.I rolled over in bed, pulling the covers up closer to my chin.

My eyes clenched as the lights were turned on. I hope some of you get sold today.

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I opened my eyes and looked around blearily. I saw the different types of animals that were in cages every where. I saw dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, and even snakes. But I knew I was different from them, for more than one reason. The shop keeper came over to me and scratched me behind my ears. I smiled and made a contented noise. His eyes were kind and loving, but when he looked at me, even now after I had been in the shop for half a year, they showed wonder and amazement.

I yipped, grinning at him. Maybe today will be the day that you get a good home. I looked around, and then decided to sit and stare out the window. It was only a few hours past dawn and there weren't many people walking the streets. But I knew that soon the streets would be filled with humans, and most of them would stare at me. I wagged my tail when I heard the bell.

It signaled that the door had opened. The shop keeper had just started handing out food dishes. We had water in our cages all the time. I wasn't in a cage, like the rest of them, though. I was in a section next to a window that was really just a bed a few feet off the ground. When I first got here I had been in a cage, but I had been here longer than any of the animals, so he trusted me to stay where I was supposed to.

The person who entered had started wandering around, through the maze of cages. He stopped at one with a large snake in it. The snake barely noticed him, content to just lay, curled up, and sleep. I whined loudly to try and get his attention, but he ignored me. I pouted, sitting down with my arms between my legs like a dog would sit.

The shop keeper came over to me with a brush and started pulling the knots out of my long dirty blond hair. I yipped when the brush caught on one.


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